Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Morning Report

The dorkiness continues. Caught myself on film with Isaac this morning and was playing around with annotations.

Definite mst3k potential there.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I've Joined Generation Stupid

As is evidenced by the following:

And of course, being stupid, I recorded the following before realizing that the one you see above wasn't broken after all:

And then, of course, the quick obligatory shout-out to a relative.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm astounded

I received a multi-forwarded email from a relative older than me, and the content actually interested me! I don't know if this has ever happened to you. It's really eye opening that it's even possible that the content from this person was something worth more than a quick scan and deletion, because the probability of it being something you've seen before approaches 100%.

Regardless, here's the text:

Dear Friends and Family,

I was one of the ones who wrote my friend, Anne (as mentioned below in her letter) as soon as Sarah Palin was chosen to run for Republican V.P. I received her really informative reply plus another informative letter from a friend of hers. I think it's really good info...and not all of it is negative...a lot is strictly informational. Sorry I didn't forward it right away: since then, Sarah Palin emails are flying around me like bats in a belfry!

I have put info about Anne herself at the very bottom of this email, in case you would like to know.

Hope this is useful to whatever way.



Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2008 15:46:40 -0700

From: anne......

Subject: Sarah Palin

Big Alaskan-sized hello to one and all,

Over the holiday weekend I received several emails from friends and family asking about our relatively unknown governor who has suddenly become a name you all recognize. As I started to write an email response, I received a copy of an email sent by a woman I used to know very well. She has a way with words that I think you'll enjoy. Additionally, I will mention:

I like her as governor, but won't be voting for her in November. As another dear friend of mine (who also lives and works in Alaska - and may have even more access to the Palin administration than I do) said, "she's not the one you want just one fluffernutter away from the presidency."

The ethics reform bill she signed recently was actually the work of Alaskan Democrats who pushed it through.

While she turned down our infamous bridge-to-nowhere, she accepted the federal funds to build the road to the bridge, and built the road, which goes to exactly nowhere.

She pronounces nuclear the same incorrect way the our current president does.

Yep, she wears her hair like that all the time. Who doesn't love a sexy librarian?!? There's a reason we have bumper stickers that say, "Alaska... coldest state but the hottest governor."

Trooper-gate... if it hasn't hit the news yet where you are... it will.

Although she didn't fish this year, she and her husband have fished in Bristol Bay for years. Even though her family has been deeply involved in the fishery, she announced a week before the election last week that she would not be supporting the ballot initiative that would have safguarded the water quality of the salmon natal streams in Alaska. A no vote on the initiative made it easier for large-scale metallurgic mines (like the controversial and poorly planned Pebble mine at the headwaters of Bristol Bay) to pollute, redirect and otherwise destroy the water that supports people and salmon resources. Her vote swayed thousands of undecided voters and ultimately defeated the initiative. Our salmon aren't in trouble yet, but yours??

I could go on and on, but... Anyway, below is the email referenced above. Enjoy!


She is very scary on a number of big one that Nancy identified is that she'll be underestimated.


-----Forwarded Message-----

>Subject: Sarah palin
>Hi Everybody,
>Five of you have written and asked about our Governor Palin as VP, so
>here's what I know from Halibut Cove. First off ... every single person in
>Alaska is just as surprised and amazed as everyone else about this. I
>was in Anchorage on Friday listening to NPR and when I first heard the news - I
>thought it was a joke or just hypothetical. Then the phone started
>ringing... As many of you know, we Alaskans talk about our politics
>constantly and this year with an indicted senior Senator, our sole
>Congressman under investigation, etc etc etc it's juicier than ever, but the
>Palin announcement takes the cake. Imagine what it would be like if any of
>you was asked to be the Vice President. That is the level of experience
>that Palin has. She's not kidding when she describes herself as a hockey
>mom - she really is. She really did grow up in a small town in Alaska.
>She really was the mayor of Wasilla (population 9,000). I would
>imagine most of you have been in Washington DC more than she has.
>On the one hand Palin's nomination is preposterous, but at the same time she
>will be a formidable candidate. We live in a celebrity culture which
>thrives on the personal story, and Palin's story with all the fabulous
>Alaskan scenes as backdrop will be hard to top. I think of poor John
>Kerry trying to carry a gun around in 2004 or Michael Dukakis in the
>tank, and then think of Palin's parents who were out on a gold panning
>expedition when the news broke.... She is the real thing - small town
>girl, father a teacher, grew up in Alaska, goes hunting and fishing,
>likes snow machining because "it pounds the snot out of you", husband
>is the Alaska version of a NASCAR dad, he's handsome and known as First
>Dude. On top of all that Palin is both beautiful and HOT. Look at the
>pictures of her versus Cindy McCain and you'll get the idea.
>I did not vote for Sarah Palin and have always wondered if her blowing
>the whistle on the head of the Republican party was pure calculated ambition.
>On the down side she not only opposes abortion (think of the Supreme
>appointments) but is a creationist. Despite her father being a science
>teacher, she seems to have little regard for the subject and recently
>was accused (like Bush) of overwriting her own staff scientist's
>recommendations on the polar bear endangered listing. On the other
>hand, she picked a very competent unbiased scientist (a friend of mine)
>to be Commissioner of Fish and Game. I asked my friend, the
>Commissioner, about what she's like in Cabinet meetings and he said
>"she's just insecure enough that she actually listens". She is a
>lightweight but a quick study, and a brilliant natural politician.
>Which is why I, and 80% of all Alaskans approve of her as Governor.
>(That's down from 87% five months ago.) She has made excellent and
>independent appointments to her Cabinet. She has vetoed our legislature's bloated
>budget items. She has pushed through major changes in the state's
>relationships with the oil companies. She has cajones, no doubt about
>that. In addition, she is what she is, a wonderfully attractive down
>to earth person--Kathryn even saw her shopping with her husband and new
>baby at Costco!
>And that will be the killer in this campaign. She may not know
>anything, but I believe more than anyone else (including Barack) she
>will attract people from a wide, wide swath of the population. No one
>can accuse her of being elitist. I looked at that picture of her
>signing photographs after the announcement and I was reminded of Mia Hamm and the
>women's soccer team.
>That's the kind of appeal Sarah Palin will bring to the Republican
>ticket, and it'll be tough to resist. Sarah Palin is the type of
>person that people tend to underestimate, which is partly why she was
>able to come out of nowhere and knock off a 20 year Senator and
>incumbent Republican Governor AND a past two term Democratic Governor.
>Wish us luck. Best to all of you, N