Saturday, June 23, 2007

Looking again

I need to find a QA engineer. Here's a rough draft of the job description:


Senior Software Engineer in Test -- Customer Service Applications


We are looking for someone who can own the process of reliably getting the good ideas out of our developers heads onto the desktops of our customer service reps. We are looking for someone familiar with testing enterprise applications built from web services, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL and telephony integration in the customer service space.

Quality Assurance at Netflix is not about waiting for some code to fly over the wall from development. It's about providing an environment for the development engineers that helps them minimize the number of bugs that make it into the code in the first place. It's also about insuring that what works when we test continues to work as well when we deploy it. Working on our customer call center software, you will help the people that help our members solve their problems.

You will provide your expertise in understanding what to test, as well as how to test. Given a schedule that is always too short and a feature list that is always too long, you'll identify and efficiently evaluate those changes to our software that pose the greatest risk to the smooth and effective operation of the customer service staff.


* Validate and verify the correct operation of the customer service application
* Advocate designs that are usable by the customer service representatives
* Collaborate with customer service management to design a complete system that meets business needs
* Bridge any communication gaps between the development and operational teams supporting the system
* Improve and extend the automated regression test suite and production monitoring tools


Must have:
* 5+ years of white box 3-tier application testing, building and deployment
* Deep experience with Oracle and PL/SQL or equivalent database systems
* Experience with Java/jUnit or C#/nUnit development and testing
* Experience with testing high-traffic, highly scaling, multi-threaded software design
* A Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science or equivalent engineering experience

Nice to have:

Familiarity with contact center technology (e.g. CTI, IVR, CRM)
Familiarity with use of .NET Remoting, Web Services, 3rd party .NET controls, TestComplete


Email me if you're interested.

Fiction writing

You should never see the phrase "I woke up and went through my usual routine" or anything like it in fictional stories. The point of writing the story is to give insight into the character. If the reader doesn't already know what the character's 'usual routine' is, then they will infer that the character's routine is just like their own, which is probably very boring. If your character usually runs out onto the patio to chase away the squirrel at the bird feeder, you should tell your reader.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Real Life on Second Life

I saw a pretty funny movie when I was visiting Valleywag today. It was about what real life would look like if real life were like Second Life.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


So there's this service out there that hooks up lenders and borrowers and trims out a lot of the fat of more traditional financial institutions by using an auction to set the rate.

There's a button off to the left that you can use to click thru and signup. If you want to be involved in lending money, get a much better rate than a savings account, and maybe help some good folks with a better rate than they'd ever get from a credit card or bank, then you can make $25 at the same time I make $25.

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