Friday, December 23, 2005

Simply brilliant little applet

I saw this little applet on Jay Is Games and thought I'd share it here with you.

Originally seen here.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Followup on Uncle Frank

So, I was reading the Metro the other week, and I almost flipped past the letters to the editor. Then I happened to glance my name in the body of a letter with the title "I Hate Your Kid."

Seems that one of the alcholics took offense at my barbeque lament and told me to "stay away, whiner." I've decided not to send a response to the Metro pointing out to "K. Limon" that the article wasn't about Uncle Frank's or her watering hole "Francesca's", it was about how the article in the Metro was misleading about whether it was a 21-and-over joint or not.

I guess if she spent less time drinking and more time understanding what she reads, she might have picked up on that.

Funny translation

I ordered some stuff from, and I don't really speak French, but I can limp through the order process. However, sometimes I'll slap part of a web page or email into some kind of translator to make sure that I'm not asking them to send me a case of hot-buttered Lemurs.

Anyway, upon sending the order, I received an email containing this paragraph:

Cet e-mail vous informant de l'envoi de votre commande termine ainsi le traitement de votre commande et constitue l'acceptation du contrat de vente entre vous et International Sales.

which according to this free translation service means:

This e-mail informing you sending of your order finishes thus the treatment of your order and constitutes the acceptance of the sale contract between you and International Dirty

I guess 'sales' in French means 'dirty' in English.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Silly graph of qubits

So, I've created this silly graph in a silly response to a silly post about the number of qubits we'll be able to compute with in the mysterious future!