Thursday, July 13, 2006

I wish I could write

I want to write the perfect paragraph. I want it to enfold the sum of all human desire. I want it to motivate the world to do well by others. I want it to have rhythm and grace. I want it to enrapture all readers and purge them of ill intentions. I want honesty and freedom and the ability for all to reach the pinnacle of who they can be. I want to believe in the best of all possible worlds, and I want to believe that the world we live in is that world.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Googling me

So, I decided to type in my name "Rob Fagen" in the Google search box to see what comes up. Here it is:

The ADB Drinking game (me)
"DBs in Vegas" (me)
Google Groups: (me)
Membership Directory (not me)
About STLAHA (not me)
[PDF] Gambler (me)
Radio Days--and Nights (me)
Council defers appointment to Planning Commission -- Los Altos ... (me)
The First Tee of The Seacoast Home Page (not me)

Not bad... only three out of ten misses, and the top three were me. Interesting that the oldest stuff is ranked the highest. Not one mention of this blog, though. I guess maybe after this entry gets indexed that I might see more of me.

But it's good for you, isn't it?

The hardest part for me about running, or any exercise for that matter, is willfully putting myself in a state of discomfort. If there was a magical machine that could stress my muscles for me, then I don't think I'd mind the puffing, sweating and thumping heart pain. It might violate the Geneva Convention, but it would be easier to exercise if I were able to abdicate responsibility for continuing.

I guess that's part of what makes a top-tier athlete: the ability to push past limits and train yourself to go past limits that stop everyone else.

That's probably what makes for a top-tier anything.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sudoku Combat

The Sudoku Combat blog discusses the change history of a really good online Sudoku challenge game. I like it. A little quirky, but it gets the game on with some competition (which always adds a little spice!).