Friday, July 20, 2007

Alright you slackers, cough up the dough

You may have been reading where I've been promoting this loan on, and you may be getting sick of reading about it.

Well, one way to stop me from posting over and over and over again would be to:

1. join prosper (you get $25 FOR FREE!)
2. fund this loan
3. enjoy the warm feeling of helping someone get out from under the grinding heel of the consumer debt peddlers.

Do the right thing, peeps.

Something I forgot from yesterday

There's something that I've been telling myself as I've been running (which I didn't do this morning -- website issues got me out of bed at 5:50 and now the kids are up, and I have to get into work).

That thing is:

The body can be trained to do whatever your mind has the will to train it to do.

This seems particularly applicable to the new style of running I've been trying. It's more painful (sometimes much more painful) but it seems to yield better progress overall.

From a strict pain/utility perspective, a slower continuous pace might seem to be optimal, but for a longer term perspective of no slowly degrading performance over time, I think it makes sense to train for the pain. That way I'll always know that I'm pushing things to the practical limit and won't slide down a slippery slope of complacency.

Only by having the will to train through the pain would I get to a better overall solution.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Running, running, running again

I was on a regimen of running 3 miles every other day. I got some new trail running shoes over the weekend. They inspired me, as new footwear often does. This week, I decided to start running every day. Not only did I decide to run every day, but I also decided to change my style of running.

Previously, I'd take off from house at an easy trot up the hill to Rancho San Antonio, and pace myself to keep at least shuffling along in a gait resembling a run the whole time. I'd slow down on the uphills and be out of breath at the top and then kind of coast down hill until I'd caught my breath.

The new plan is to run flat out until I can't run any more, and then walk at a brisk pace until I feel like I can start running again. I actually feel better for it. I think that I'm moving faster overall (but I suppose I could measure that).

I suspect that by training my body to keep moving at all costs, I was opening the door to a complacent pace. It seems that was a slippery slope to slowing down. The new regime will train my body to always be going flat out. While I can feel the lactic acid building up much more with this style (especially on the uphills), it seems like over the course of the week that the recovery period is getting shorter.

I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Here's another one

So you may recall that I've been promoting a loan for a young Bay Area woman trying to get herself out of debt. In the course of communicating with the other lenders who were trying to fund a loan for her, I was referred to this listing.

She seems to be a little bit more of a risk, but it's a good story, and the other Prosper member says that she's been a pretty good communicator in their email exchanges. A smart girl in a tough position.

Once again, in the interest of full disclosure, if you sign up through one of the links above, both you and I will get a $25 sign-up bonus.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Trying again

So that gal that I was trying to help out through didn't get that loan funded. She's trying again, with some more information in the listing. If you'd like to help out, click on through

In the interest of full disclosure, if you sign up through the link above, both you and I will get a $25 sign-up bonus.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Someone who could use a little help

Would you like to make $25 while lending someone a helping hand?

Here's a listing from for someone who I think is listed as a 'high risk' borrower but really isn't a high risk.

She appears to have a good head on her shoulders, understands that she's in a bit of a bind, but needs a little help to get out of the bind.

I'd encourage you to sign up and lend to her. I have. If you sign up through the link above and lend to her, you'll get $25 as a sign-up bonus, and so will I.