Thursday, July 21, 2011

Potential 'Curb' Moment

I had a potential 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' moment this morning (but I'm not Larry David, so nothing actually happened).

I get to the office building and enter the lobby. I call the elevator, and two elevators arrive, side by side. A gentleman had come into the lobby right behind me, mesmerized by his smartphone. He's right in front of the left-hand elevator, I'm right in front of the right-hand elevator. I enter the right-hand elevator, and for some reason, he follows me in. I punch 14, and he punches 5 while continuing to be absorbed in his email or texting.

Impulse: "Why didn't you take the other elevator? Now I have to stop on the way up when we both could have gone directly to our floors!"

Impulse control: