Monday, November 14, 2011

From the Ironic Juxtaposition Department

Flipping through the feed for Gawker, I see this from two hours ago:

Watch a 12-year-old put your startup to shame

and I see this from six hours ago:

Why did this 22-year-old entrepreneur commit suicide?

The profundity of the comments regarding the pressures of the technology business were matched only by the depth of snarkiness of the comments about the 12-year-old.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Reading Revolution

Presented with an upcoming vacation, and presented with the ever falling price of kindles, I'm in that uncomfortable zone where an original Kindle for $79 is totally in my price range (anything less than three digits is really attractive to me for some reason).

However, you can get what is essentially a tablet with the new Kindle Fire, for only $200. The thing I worry about is that when will that $200 be down to $99 or less. Probably soon.

I know that it's kind of a high-class problem having to decide between what gadget you should get for some ridiculously low price. I'll probably just get some paper books for this vacation and wait for the free Kindle that will get bundled with the New York Times some time in the near future.