Thursday, December 22, 2005

Funny translation

I ordered some stuff from, and I don't really speak French, but I can limp through the order process. However, sometimes I'll slap part of a web page or email into some kind of translator to make sure that I'm not asking them to send me a case of hot-buttered Lemurs.

Anyway, upon sending the order, I received an email containing this paragraph:

Cet e-mail vous informant de l'envoi de votre commande termine ainsi le traitement de votre commande et constitue l'acceptation du contrat de vente entre vous et International Sales.

which according to this free translation service means:

This e-mail informing you sending of your order finishes thus the treatment of your order and constitutes the acceptance of the sale contract between you and International Dirty

I guess 'sales' in French means 'dirty' in English.

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