Friday, January 27, 2006

Herb Greenberg needs better listening skills

Let's look at what Greenberg is criticizing Netflix for:

Herbism #1 --
"So what if the "beat" was the result of lower general and administrative expenses?"
It would seem to me that the ability to improve the financial efficiency of a business by reducing unneccesary expense would be a good thing.

Herbism #2 --
"So what if higher margins for the quarter were largely the result of lower content costs?"
My assessment would be very positive if Netflix can leverage its increasing subscriber base to better negotiate with content providers, and can use its technology to steer customers to lower cost content that still makes the customer happy.

Herbism #3 & 4 --
"So what if average revenue per subscriber fell, hitting an all-time low, while subscription acquisition costs were up -- hitting an all-time high? So what if the company raised revenue and subscriber guidance while guidance for pre-tax earnings remained unchanged?"
Maybe Herb didn't listen to the conference call when Reed said that Netflix is going to first hit $50MM in pretax earnings and then grow that at 50% per year, then, everything else goes into marketing to accellerate growth, but SAC will never go above the lifetime subscriber value? Sounds like growing earnings to me. Sounds like accellerated subscriber growth without forcing economic losses on the business. Seems pretty efficient and well managed to me

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