Monday, March 06, 2006

I didn't mean to be a politician

So I was recently up for consideration to be part of Los Altos, CA's Planning Commission. I actually live in the County of Santa Clara, not within the city limits of Los Altos proper. I do have a Los Altos postal mail address, and do consider Los Altos to be the town I live in. However, this fine distinction became an issue, apparently.

I was in the past involved with the Bernal Heights East Slope Design Review Board when living in San Francisco, and I enjoyed the task of keeping an eye on the neighborhood architecturally, and providing a conduit for compromise between the needs of the existing neighbors and the needs of those wanting to improve their properties. So, when I saw an ad inviting applications for the Los Altos Planning Commission, I tossed my hat in the ring.

The original city council election almost four weeks ago resulted in a couple of congratulatory emails and welcomes to the commission. However, the next day, I heard from the City that there had actually been a tie in the voting that wasn't detected until after the meeting, and that there would be a run-off at the next council meeting. I thought it was no big deal, and raised the question about city vs county at that time. I was told that my address had been cleared through the registrar of voters, so I let the issue slip from my mind.

Between then and the next council meeting, I met with the one city councilperson who wasn't able to be at the original interview, and we seemed to get on quite well regarding the planning commission's job and what my role would be on it. We also discussed in passing where I live. It once again didn't seem to be an issue.

I came to find out that it actually is a very important issue. I guess I'll read the city council minutes when they get published to find out the details, or maybe I'll read the article in the next edition of the Town Crier, since I got an email from a reporter and spoke with her briefly on this subject.

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