Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Googling me

So, I decided to type in my name "Rob Fagen" in the Google search box to see what comes up. Here it is:

The ADB Drinking game (me)
"DBs in Vegas" (me)
Google Groups: (me)
Membership Directory (not me)
About STLAHA (not me)
[PDF] Gambler (me)
Radio Days--and Nights (me)
Council defers appointment to Planning Commission -- Los Altos ... (me)
The First Tee of The Seacoast Home Page (not me)

Not bad... only three out of ten misses, and the top three were me. Interesting that the oldest stuff is ranked the highest. Not one mention of this blog, though. I guess maybe after this entry gets indexed that I might see more of me.

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