Friday, August 25, 2006

You looking for a job? I'm looking for someone to work!

As you may or may not recall, I'm the QA manager for the Netflix website. I've also been given the responsibility to manage our customer service call center application. If you fit the following description and also happen to like the idea of the job, drop me a line or even better, apply directly.


Senior Quality Assurance Engineer — Customer Service Automation

The Position:
Join Netflix and help insure that every member who has a problem gets that problem solved quickly and effectively. Working on our customer call center software, you will help the people that help our members.

You will provide your expertise in understanding what to test, as well as how to test. Given a schedule that is always too short and a feature list that is always too long, you'll identify and efficiently evaluate those changes to our software that pose the greatest risk to the smooth and effective operation of the customer service staff.

We are looking for an experienced engineer with a background testing applications involving .NET, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, telephony integration, email and customer service application user interfaces.

• Validate and verify the correct operation of the customer service application
• Continuously improve and extend the automated regression test suite

You are:
• An advocate for the customer service representatives with regard to usable system design
• An advocate for customer service management with regard to accuracy and completeness of the system
• A bridge between the development organization and the operational groups supporting the system

• 5+ years of rich GUI client application testing, building and deployment
• Deep experience with Oracle and PL/SQL or equivalent database systems
• Experience with C# and nUnit development and testing
• Experience with testing high-traffic, highly scaling, multi-threaded software design
• Able to work autonomously and flexible enough to shift priorities based on changing needs of the business
• Familiarity with use of .NET Remoting, Web Services, 3rd party .NET controls, TestComplete, Parasoft .TEST and Tuvox are all plusses
• A Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science or equivalent engineering

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Joel d. Hathaway said...

Rob: Regarding Job, Blog, and life...on the inside-out:

It isn't that people aren't listening (aka. reading). Just that they aren't usually reading when we expect them to.

I find some of your thoughts right on, though I haven't read many. The fact is, I came across your blog by searching the web for "I work for Netflix." Purely selfish on my part...or shrewd, if you prefer.

Are all men created equal? No: I'm not half as good looking as my brother or half as "intellugunt" as my father. My wife and kids love me, and for that I'm thankful and content.

Keep blogging and if it wouldn't be a breach in trust to Netflix...I'd love to talk about networking with some people on the inside of a great company.

Sincerely (fellow blogger and NFLX shareholder), jdh