Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Democracy for people, not for corporations

I’m part of a growing national movement to take back America and limit the power of corporations over our lives.  I’m writing to invite you to join me, at: http://j.mp/FSFPfriends 

We’re fighting back against the Supreme Court’s decision that gave corporations the same rights as people.  The only way to overrule the Supreme Court is by amending the U.S. Constitution, so that’s what we’re going to do.  

Our movement is just getting started, but we’ve already scored some major successes: seven states have officially called for an amendment, and so have 2,000 public officials, 300 cities, towns, and counties, and more than 2,000 business leaders.

It costs nothing to be part of it, and the email load is light, about one message every two weeks.   Will you please join me?  

We’ve got to do something.  This campaign will make a real difference, if you’ll help out.

Sign up here: http://j.mp/FSFPfriends 

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