Friday, March 11, 2005

Missed a day

I guess it happens to all of us, even those with the best of intentions. You miss a day. Could be you get busy, could be you're slacking off.
Since nobody appears to be reading other than yours truly, it's probably not an issue. Regardless, yesterday was the culmination of an anxious, hectic and stressful week or two or three. We finished testing the latest version of the website without undue stress, panic or performance problems. Phew! (I did mention that I'm Web QA manager for Netflix, didn't I?)
In other news, I appear to be hooked on The Contender. I was initially shy of watching the show at all after hearing reports of the death of a contestant. However, my wife taped it, we watched it, and it's very compelling television. After reading the NYT article referenced above, I'm not as reluctant to support the show... that along with the fact that I liked the first episode so much. Happy weekend all.

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