Friday, March 04, 2005

Once a year, whether I need it or not

So, you see, I used to play a lot of poker. Usually Texas Hold'em. Usually lower limits. I'd play tournaments whenever I'd have the time for them. I hung out with a great group of people that I'd met through I got married and part of my commitment to that relationship was to give up gambling.
Well, I gave it up for the most part. I have a longstanding dream to play in "The Big Dance," aka the $10k no-limit hold'em event at the World Series of Poker. The closest I've come is going out 19th at a supersatellite when they paid 11 seats (and they paid some cash to finishers 12 thru 18). Stupid pocket 7's. In any case, now that I've mostly given up on gambling, I still take one swing at the fences per year. My strategy is that I get an afternoon to play in an inexpensive local tournament that would lead to some kind of local freeroll that would result in getting a seat at The Big Dance. This year's excursion happened two weeks ago at The Oaks Cardroom in Emeryville, CA. It was a bit of a comedy of errors (maybe more on that later), but suffice to say that I busted out far short of the top three (which would have given me a stack in the freeroll in June, which I might have been able to translate into a WSOP seat). Better luck next year, I suppose. If you multiply it out, if there are 120 people in the qualifying tourney, and the freeroll has 100 folks, then the actual WSOP Final has 3,000 entrants, I'm only 36 million to 1 against winning the WSOP in any given year. That's actually much better than the odds of winning the California lottery (41MM:1).

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