Thursday, March 24, 2005

What a Long Week

So, another cycle of coding and testing is nearing its end. Kind of a long slog with a bunch of nagging gnats of problems buzzing all around. No 8 alarm fires to put out this week, although there were a few 'teetering over the edge' moments. I was rather ashamed that yesterday I completely spaced out about being home to get the girls from our nanny. I had swapped shifts with my wife and had gone in early, so I was supposed to go home early. Unfortunately, I got absorbed in running a test and forgot about the shift change. I came out of my fog a bit before 5:30 to call Jennifer at home and let her know I'd be a little bit late, and as I picked up the phone I realized that I was supposed to be home. Ugh. I tried calling our nanny on her cell, but she was probably playing with the girls somewhere where she couldn't hear her phone. Jennifer was gracious enough to head home from work. Very embarrassing.

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