Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Whadda ya know, someone was actually HELPFUL!

Ace really is the place with the helpful hardware man. Back in December, I had someone come out to fix a leaky faucet on my bathroom sink. They replaced the stem (after taking 4 weeks to get the part), but they didn't have the little plastic sprockety thing that joins the stem to the handle. I have a perfectly not-leaky faucet and no ability to use it. Now it's been many more weeks, and I can't get those jokers to call me back and let me know when I'll be able to use my faucet. We've actually got another leaky faucet, but I'm certainly not going to give them the business. We're still holding on to the check paying them for the work they've done to date. The check is in an envelope and stamped and ready to go. Fortunately for me, I'd forgotten to drop it in the mailbox because that very night when I turned on the faucet, I was greeted by an exploding fountain of water jetting out from inside the faucet handle. Someone else from that plumbing company came out and finished tightening down the new stem body. That's when he kidnapped my sprockety thingys. Repair people generally seem to suck.

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