Monday, March 07, 2005

Stinking nice day

So, I head out today to have lunch, and it's a really nice day. Started off a litle foggy/cloudy this morning, and so I thought, "Oh Crap. Is it going to turn to rain? Are those so-and-so's working on the backyard going to slack off again?" As it turns out, the fog and clouds burn off and leave a spectacularly blue day. Hopefully, there will be PROGRESS on the backyard when I get home. So, I head out today to have lunch and see this beautiful blue sky.
I eat lunch, and I start to head back to work, but I don't head directly back. I wander by Home Depot instead and browse the selection of all-in-one battery powered tool kits. I've been itching to get a circular saw for quite a while, and could use one in constructing a small raised bed vegetable patch.
So, I look at the various options, Makita, Porter-Cable, and Ryobi. I chicken out. I do want to put together that garden bed, though. Now that I've finished the puppet theatre (armed with only a coping saw, a chisel, a bunch of screws and some 1x2's and slats. Maybe I'll take a picture of it), I need a new weekend project.

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